1. S

    Installer is not recognizing host drives.

    I have a server that I am trying to install FreeBSD on using the FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick image (the server does not have a CD drive). All the hard drives (only a couple of SSDs for now) are on a backplane attached to two Adaptec 5405z adapters. The drives are initialized and set up...
  2. pming

    ZFS Permanent errors in ZVOL / ZFS checksum error question

    Hello everyone, * It's me again * Today I have the following problem: I recently created a ZVOL to use it as a disk for a Windows VM with bhyve. It worked fine for a few days until some software reported I/O problems with that "disk". admin@server:~ % sudo zpool status -v tank Passwort...
  3. pming

    Solved System seems to freeze when storage pool is accessed

    Hello everybody I am currently building my first physical FreeBSD box which should soon replace my Synology NAS. I have put together all the pieces and was able to install FreeBSD just fine, but I have had some issues ever since I created the main storage pool where all the files are supposed...
  4. M

    Adaptec 1045 Driver Installation Issues

    I have a Dell PowerEdge R200 running FreeNAS 9.10 with an Adaptec 1045. I have 4 1 TB SATA Drives on the Adaptec controller. The drives are recognized in the BIOS, but not by FreeNAS. On Adaptec's website there are drivers for Suse and Red Hat, But I can't install any RPM's on FreeNAS. There...