active cooling

  1. gpw928

    ATX Case Cooling

    It's summer again in Australia. There's no A/C in my office. I have switched the PWM fans in my ZFS server to manual over-ride, running flat out. But ther airflow is uneven. It's early morning, and ambient is 15 degrees C. Extracting from smartctl --log=scttemphist /dev/da?: da0 2021-12-17...
  2. dstyl

    Change active cooling temperature at boot

    Hello, iI have installed FreeBSD and added KDE to it on my Lenovo T400. My problem is that after 5 min on (doing nothing) the laptop turns off due to overheating (100 degree Celsius). The cause is that the active cooling limit is set to 95 degree or sthsomething and before it always on passive...