1. J runs arbitrary commands from a remote server

    Anybody using security/ might want to upgrade: security/ runs arbitrary commands from a remote server! If you're using HiCA, you surely want to revoke & renew your certs (with a more trustworthy CA). See this GitHub issue:
  2. Aknot

    Restart Apache 2.4 in crontab after renewing letsencrypt certs with

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to restart www/apache24 from crontab after successfully renewing letsencrypt certs with security/ This is what I have now (run each night 03:00): * 3 * * * /usr/local/sbin/ --cron >> /var/log/acme.cron.log Thank you,
  3. kel

    new article on nginx, php-fpm, and mysql 8 on FreeBSD 12 for Wordpress hosting

    Hi fellow enthusiasts, I wrote a short article on securing a FreeBSD 12 web server with nginx, php-fpm and mysql 8 by focusing on website isolation. Specifically, the goal was to create different php-fpm pools for each nginx virtual server, with them sharing a unique socket for each website. In...
  4. M

    Solved security/ issue?

    I recently moved to a new server. After installing security/ and moving all the config files over, no longer reads it's configuration file when issuing commands. I've moved everything (config/certs) to the proper location (/var/db/acme/). This no longer works, and used to before...
  5. Donald Baud

    HowTo: SSL/TLS certificates with

    Note: this post is amended because the updated port security/ is now using its own convention home directory /var/db/acme with dedicated user/group acme:acme The idea is to limit the use of elevated privileges as much as possible. ================ - What is this about? security/