1. A

    Other FreeBSD AMD64 ABI

    Hello, background: I'm Assembly programmer for both Intel's x86 and AMD64 architectures, been programming for these architecture for more than 10 years in non-UNIX-like operating systems; to be more precise: Windows NT based operating systems. I was able to find the numeric kernel services...
  2. S

    General comments about FBSD-12 with AMD Ryzen 7 and MSI X570 ACE

    It was a profound surprise to me when I found out that MSI (current and past 2-3 generations) motherboards no long support booting from a PCIe HDD. For at least 15 years I have been using various MSI motherboards with many different PCIe controlled hard drives. My last MB, 990XA-GD55, had 2...
  3. S

    Getting around BTX halted after update

    After the last update server crashes with BTX halted. I'm on 12.0-CURRENT 64bit and running a Supermicro X9DR3 with dual Intel CPU's and 48G RAM with two ZFS mirrors, One mirror for the O/S and one for user space. The first mirror is on SSD's and the 2nd is on spinning SATA. There is no WHEA...
  4. C

    Advice for selecting a proper FreeBSD platform for proxy/URL filtering

    Hello all, since 2002 I had a FreeBSD 3.x installation, in the role of firewall and proxy, with URL filtering. Not fancy hardware, just a Pentium 4 system with a 2Gb and a hdd to serve the needs of 130 (at the time again) users. The WAN link was a 1Mbps ADSL line. In 2008 the system got a WAN...
  5. Jay F. Shachter

    How do you get Linux 64-bit emulation to work?

    (Posting to the "General" forum because I could not find another forum that was better suited to the topic; feel free to relocate the discussion if it belongs elsewhere) I am developing an application that will run on a server which will be exposed to the Internet; I have persuaded my employer...