1. aZ

    ZFS quirks=0x1<4K> for logical 512, physical 512, why?

    Hi, I don't understand why SSD's that have 512 sector size (logical and physical) have quirks=0x1<4K> mode? For example Samsung SSD 840-850 family. Gpart thinking that SSD is 4k, then zfs thinking that SSD is 4k (ashift: 12). TRIM working really slow with deleting 20GB+ files (L(q) in gstat...
  2. M

    Solved FreeBSD i386 install problem

    Greetings all, I have partitioned the hard drive as follows: ada0p1 512K freebsd-boot ada0p2 2G freebsd-ufs / ada0p3 6G freebsd-swap none ada0p4 4G freebsd-ufs /var ada0p5 256M freebsd-ufs /tmp ada0p6 90G freebsd-ufs /usr When I try to finish and continue I get: Error mounting...