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    Solved 3Ware 9690SA-4I4E - Drives Offline

    Hello, Running FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE. I recently purchased a 3ware 9690SA-4I4E controller to swap into of my SQL server but have run into an issue. When I put the 9690SA-4I4E card in, the controller's BIOS shows all the drives are available but marked "offline". I've been looking for a method...
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    Solved 3ware: only 16 of the 21 LUN's are detected / tws driver

    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p7 (GENERIC) I have a 3Ware 9750-8i controller on a Supermicro Systemboard. I have one RAID6 array from about 40TB spanned into 21 smaller volumes but only 16 of them are detected by the system. The system does dot recognize more that 16 lun's on the same BUS and the same...