1. mro

    Solved Lost 3d & suspend after upgrade to 13.3

    on my Thinkpad x250 with 13.2 everything was functional, but after the upgrade to 13.3 after lid close there is a black screen but no suspend. And no resume, naturally. $ glxinfo -B | fgrep Acc failed to authenticate magic 1 failed to load driver: iris Accelerated: no I'll downgrade again...
  2. JT42

    Solved Kernel panic in upgrade to 13.3

    I have a system that was at 13.2 and am attempting to upgrade it to 13.3. I first did: freebsd-update fetch freebsd-update install and then rebooted to get from 13.2-RELEASE-p2 to 13.2-RELEASE-p10. Then I did: freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.3 freebsd-update install It asked me to reboot to...