1. uchman

    freebsd-update to 13.1-RC5: Unable to relocate undefined weak TLS variable

    Hi! I have recently tried to upgrade two of my raspberry pi 4 machines from 13.1-BETA to 13.1-RC5, but both of them failed in the same manner. after running freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.0-RC5 freebsd-update install reboot I did the final installation step and it rendered alot of errors...
  2. dr3mro

    Solved resume from suspend on thinkpad x250.

    EDIT : After upgrading to RC2 after resume X server crashes I have tried both port and pkg drm kmod both the same issue If I did zzz the x server can be launched again or after reload i915kms but if don't do that will never restore the GUI the below problem is not considered now as I lose all...