1. A

    7 second delay executing chronyc in 12.2-latest

    Hello FreeBSD Forums! First time poster, please be gentle :) I updated my physical server to the latest last night via the usual freebsd-update fetch install and pkg update; pkg upgrade dance (I have no ports installed, just a few packages, including chrony and telegraf). All seemed to be...
  2. D

    Solved 11.4-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE network issue for bhyve VMs

    After upgrading to 12.2-RELEASE networking is not working for my bhyve VMs. In 11.4, I had daemonized the launching of the VMs using daemon -rft in /etc/rc.local. Oddly in 12.2, the VMs come up and are accessible with VNC but not over the network, and I am unable to browse the web or ping...
  3. D

    uxterm issues after upgrades

    My uxterm instances work well at first, but after some time, pressing underscore gets yields ;2;126~ and tilde yields ;2;95~. This happened after upgrade two machines to 12.2-RELEASE within the past two weeks. I also upgraded all the packages as well, so that adds some complication. One machine...
  4. V

    Mac Keyboard weirdness - FreeBSD 12.2

    Here's a strange one - I've been around a long time and have never seen anything like this before, maybe someone else has seen this? I recently upgraded my workstation to FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and while the overall upgrade has been great, there is one "quality of life" issue I keep encountering...
  5. T

    ZFS ZFS, UNMAP and VMware ESXi troubles

    Hello. I'm seeing quite a lot of UNMAP failed messages on our FreeBSD servers ever since we migrated from VMFS5 to VMFS6 datastores on our vSphere cluster. Happens on both thin and thick provisioned disks. There have been instances where servers just stopped responding after a couple of failed...
  6. E

    Firefox and Firefox ESR on 12.2-RELEASE, segmentation faults

    I updated to 12.2-RELEASE recently and compile firefox (normally, www/firefox-esr) with portmaster. I was using firefox-esr 68, with the 2020Q3 ports tree. Now with 2020Q4 it's on firefox-esr 78 and my firefox builds segfault, even in --headless mode. Is anyone having this issue with the...
  7. Abraham79

    Solved Cannot move pointer to the bottom of the screen in virtual console with a Logitech B100 USB mouse.

    I observed this recently only. In virtual terminal, mouse works only approximately 2cm before the bottom end of the screen. It is a logitech B100 USB mouse. I drew the selection line to show the maximum possible area where the mouse pointer can go downwards: :~% cat /etc/rc.conf...
  8. E

    12.1-RELEASE -> 12.2-RELEASE pw: user 'anybody' disappeared during update

    I can't create users after upgrading to 12.2-RELEASE. pw user add bob Gives me: pw: user 'bob' disappeared during update "bob" is in /etc/passwd. chown bob foo, and it says it's an invalid username. I first discovered this with adduser which behaved identically. I have a fresh 12.2-RELEASE...
  9. E

    No FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE for Beaglebone

    Release errata [2020-10-27] A regression was discovered with the FreeBSD/armv7 BEAGLEBONE images where SD card I/O takes an excessive amount of time. As such, there are no BEAGLEBONE images for this release. I can't find a bug for this in bugs.freebsd.org, should I open one?