1. TheOriginalTripleD

    Solved Possible to use 12-current driver in 11.1?

    First time FreeBSD user here. I have a wireless network card with a rtl-8812ae chipset. I checked and it looks like this is supported by rtwn in 12-current, but not 11.1. I’d prefer to not use the development version if possible for my first time, but a lack of wifi really is a dealbreaker (I...
  2. xk2600

    wpa_supplicant 2.6 EAP-PEAP iwm (8260)

    Getting 'RSN: PMKID mismatch" when attempting to connect to SSID using RSN + WPA-EAP + PEAP + MSCHAPV2. Tried both 'pkg install' and 'cd /usr/ports/security/wpa_supplicant && make && make install'... when compiling from ports tree, I enabled and disabled the OpenSSLv1.2 option seeing where there...
  3. A

    Can not shutdown FreeBSD 12.0 r323985 on ARM raspberry pi

    I just installed FreeBSD on raspberry pi 2. It kept giving me this: checksum failed: cg 19, cgp: 0x0 != bp: 0x61de29e7 I found this page relevant but then I realized that there is no head subfolder under root /. Additionally I'm not able to shutdown the system by running the command. shutdown -p...
  4. S

    Getting around BTX halted after update

    After the last update server crashes with BTX halted. I'm on 12.0-CURRENT 64bit and running a Supermicro X9DR3 with dual Intel CPU's and 48G RAM with two ZFS mirrors, One mirror for the O/S and one for user space. The first mirror is on SSD's and the 2nd is on spinning SATA. There is no WHEA...
  5. M

    Amd cedar Graphics on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT

    Hi I'm unable to configure AMD graphics card . I'm only able to get it working using "vesa" Using FreeBSD 12.0-current. Xorg.0.log states using syscons driver with X support,(ver 549739036674.0) VT num 9. KMS enabled VGA arbiter, no multicard support. Radeon depth24 framebuffer bpp 32 Chipset...
  6. Cath O'Deray

    x11/kde4 with 12.0-CURRENT

    With TrueOS Desktop tracking FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT, in August I installed the OS and (below) on 1st September I installed kde4. From ports, I guess. The most recent updates to TrueOS Desktop involved loss of KDE. I made a handful of brief unsuccessful attempts to re-install from ports, then...