1. djsumdog

    Constantly slowdown with Chelsio T310 10G network card

    I currently have a NAS running FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p11 with a Chelsio T310 10G network card. It's connected via a QNAP 10G switch to my Linux box. As you can see, I can normally get 10Gb speeds (Linux on the left, FreeBSD on the right) However, after the FreeBSD box has been up for sometime...
  2. olli@

    10Gb Ethernet NIC PCIe recommendation

    I'm looking for a hardware recommendation … I’ve got two machines (located close to each other) that are directly connected with their onboard 1Gb ethernet NICs. However, now that I’ve upgraded both of these machines to NVMe SSD, that 1 Gbps connection becomes a serious bottleneck. Therefore I...
  3. Nyakov

    QLogic QLE8142-IBMX unstable on FreeBSD and Windows

    Hi. I have stability issues(to point of unusability) with QLogic QLE8142 on FreeBSD. Before trying to open issue on bugtracker I need help to verify sanity of my actions. Perhaps I am missing something? I have two 10G Qlogic converged network cards. QLogic QLE8142-IBMX (42C1802) QLogic...
  4. C

    ConnectX-2 (MHQH29C-XTR) in FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if the dual port connectx-2 would work in FreeBSD 11.2? If so, would it simply be plug in the NIC and use it or would I have to compile the driver. I have heard that the single port version works in FreeNAS without any tinkering (plug it in, set an IP, and use it)...
  5. A

    BXE 10Gb NIC Help

    I'm translating this over from the pfSense forum, since it appears to be more of an issue with FreeBSD. (https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=146029.0) I have had my pfSense router working flawlessly for over 60 days now running 2.3.3 (FreeBSD 10.3). I tried to upgrade on several...
  6. S

    Other (about technical) How to achieve IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s

    Hello forum, (1) As stated in the subject, how to achieve IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s? (2) Has anyone run IPSec and successfully hit IPSec throughput above 2 Gbit/s? (3) Which FreeBSD version would be recommended for this scenario? (4) What should be tune in /boot/loader.conf ? (Our...
  7. arader

    Am I crazy? (Bridging + VLANS + LAGG)

    Hi all, I run a freeBSD router at home and I love it, I'm always finding new ways to expand my understanding of networking. I recently bought a 4x SFP+ 10GB Chelsio card to play with, and I'm coming up with ways to use it. I already have 4x GBE ports lagg'd together in lagg0. I then apply a...
  8. D

    Mellanox ConnectX EN 10GigE

    Hello I saw in old threads that the Mellanox ConnectX 10GB PCIe card was supported... but when enabling those drivers trying to build a custom 11 kernel the build fails... Is this card no longer supported in FreeBSD 11.0 anymore? none3@pci0:9:0:0: class=0x020000 card=0x002115b3...
  9. pacman2011

    NetMap + Suricata = Broken Bridge?

    Howdy! I want to run Suricata in NETMAP mode on interface ix0, while bridging traffic from ix0 to ix1. The question is why does Suricata completely break the FreeBSD bridge when run in netmap mode, and more to the point, how should one configure Suricata to watch ix0 while also passing traffic...