1. daBee

    10.2 Install Issues

    Hi folks. I can't seem to get the installer to start from an external DVD. I get the FreeBSD boot menu, then this. Also, I have 2 SSDs in the box I'd like to RAID for mirroring. Is that doable? Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  2. M

    Solved What is ctfmerge and why is it preventing me from building a kernel?

    See initial thread: unable-to-buildkernel-and-other-odd-behavior.54613. I don't mean to create duplicates, but this seems like it should be a separate topic. The machine I'm using has an AMD Phenom II Quad Core with 16 GB of RAM and a 6 TB ZFS pool. FreeBSD 8.x-RELEASE was initially installed...
  3. M

    Solved Unable to buildkernel and other odd behavior

    When I was upgrading from 10.1-RELEASE to 10.2-RELEASE through a normal binary update with freebsd-update -r 10.2-RELEASE, I got a few errors about no files existing: /usr/sbin/freebsd-update: cannot open files/.gz: No such file or directory I followed this solution, by updating the src, the...
  4. C

    Samba config help?

    I am trying to configure Samba shares on a headless FreeBSD 10.2 box and having a tremendous amount of difficulty getting them working the way I want. I have two shares right now, Veeam (for my Veeam Endpoint Backup jobs on Windows clients) and sladd, a user share. Veeam seems to work fine as...
  5. C

    Error 19 booting from installed USB device

    Hi all, I'm trying to boot FreeBSD 10.2 from a USB device that I used as the install destination from a liveCD installer. I performed the installation on another system, specifying the flash disk (Patriot XPorter 16GB) as the install target and am now trying to boot a small fileserver from...
  6. Kalero

    How to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg?

    Hi! I've just made a fresh installation of FreeBSD 10.2 RELEASE and I would like to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg. Then, if I look at pkg.freebsd.org, inside the FreeBSD 10.x directory for i386 (http://pkg.freebsd.org/freebsd:10:x86:32/latest/All/), I see the latest...
  7. C

    MoinMoin on 10.2 Release Installation Trouble

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting MoinMoin to run on the 10.2 release. I'm sure it should, given that it is the wiki of choice for some FreeBSD wiki sites. I've followed the instructions exactly as found on: https://moinmo.in/HowTo/FreeBSDQuick . However, I keep getting 403 errors when I try to...
  8. FKEinternet

    Install apache 2.4 on new FreeBSD 10.2 (RAIDZ) fails

    I've done a fresh installation of FreeBSD 10.2 on a new RAIDZ system. I started following the instructions for installing Apache, etc. found at http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-install-apache-mysql-php-stack-on-freebsd-unix-server/ The first step failed because portsnap extract is required...
  9. O

    libucl.so.1 missing after upgrading to 10.2-RELEASE

    (Some issues in common with https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/pkg-broken-after-ugrading-freebsd-from-10-1-to-10-2.52817/, notably the lack of libucl.so.1) Before upgrading from 10.1-STABLE to 10.2-RELEASE, pkg was working nicely. After upgrading, libucl.so.1 is missing. This seems very weird...
  10. G

    How to get the Radeon driver to work in FreeBSD 10.2?

    Hi guys, I successfully installed FreeBSD 10.2 on my Haswell box. Since 10.2 doesn't support Haswell graphics, I decided to try using an AMD FirePro v4900 (with a 6670 "Turk" chip) and the Radeon drivers. I tried setting kldload radeonkms but that led to a black screen. After reading this blog...