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  1. aragats

    Solved Gave walking papers to (quit) our old ISP

    2 years ago I had to use my phone for tethering at remote location for a couple of days, and, using a browser in my laptop, discovered that all web sites' images were scaled down to a size below 50kB. That was on AT&T network.
  2. T

    Solved Upgrade failed: Bus error (core dumped)

    If you are thinking to obtain a fresh copy of the source code to compile world and kernel to replace the current system, then this is easily done without svn. But before doing so check if make and unzip core dump. If they don't core dump, for the source code go to...
  3. B

    Mobile phone router

    To start with I would like to set up my mobile phone to allow access using USB tethering which I have not tried previously... I have only just discovered 'Developer option' which has a 'Select USB Configuration' option and one of the available options is 'RNDIS (USB Ethernet), which I set. My...
  4. B

    How to enable ue0 interface

    It seems I completely misunderstood the post. The ue0 interface arises when trying to use USB tethering from a mobile phone. So it looks like you can connect to the Internet using your phone's dialer rather than connecting to it via wifi. Never tried this before...
  5. SirDice

    USB Tethering: How to auto-configure?

    You may be able to fire off a script using devd.conf when the device is detected. The script could do that automatically.
  6. A

    USB Tethering: How to auto-configure?

    Hi All, I have an LG G2 phone that can share its mobile internet via USB tethering. FreeBSD 9.3 recognizes it, but does not automatically obtain an IP address via DHCP and set it to the default route when I enable USB tethering on my device. Is there any way to do that? Just like under Windows...
  7. M

    Any News on USB Tethering?

    I honestly have no idea, but I guess USB tethering = USB connection sharing uses a completely different mechanism than a simple "treat mobile phone as modem" approach. I did not take a closer look when I saw it working with the mentioned *Ubuntu netbook + Android mobile phone, but...
  8. M

    Any News on USB Tethering?

    Has anybody ever got USB tethering working under FreeBSD? I have seen it on a netbook running a version of Ubuntu Linux with network-manager, it was as simple as connecting an Android mobile phone with an USB cabel to the netbook and turning on USB Tethering in the Android network...
  9. H

    Tethering FreeBSD with Android

    Hi all, I've used FreeBSD in the past but struggled with mobile broadband, so I have mainly been using Linux. As anyone had experience with tethering FreeBSD with an Android phone, I've googled around but I haven't found a lot and wondered if FreeBSD supports it. Thanks...