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question about samba and nfs together

Discussion in 'Web & Network Services' started by wonslung, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. wonslung

    wonslung New Member

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    ok, i have a weird issue....it's not really a MAJOR problem but i'm not quite sure the best way to handle it. I have been using samba on my file server for a long time without issue. I use a program called torrentflux-b4rt to download torrents which requires all data to be owned by the www user. When i originally shared this data over samba i ran into the problem of not being able to delete files remotely and any new files i created couldn't be made into torrents because they wouldn't be created with the right user/permissions. To get around this i just had samba forceuser to www, problem solved.

    Now that many of my computers use *nix (2 ubuntu htpc's 2 freebsd machines 1 opensolaris desktop and a debian machine) i'd like to start using nfs. A couple of my roommates still use windows machines so i don't want to do away with samba, also i have 2 xbox's running xbmc on the non-hd tv's and they use samba as well. My question is what's the best way to handle the file issue? I was thinking of putting all the samba users in the same group and do the same with NFS then changing all the current files to 770 or something like that. I have no experience with NFS really...is there anything like forceuser/forcegroup for NFS?

    I basically want all the files to be readable/writeable to the www user on the server and have the owners be able to delete them if need be, and at the same time be able to use samba...